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Short Pelham Strap


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Short Pelham strap to use only one pair of reins with a pelham bit.

- Accessory for connecting the bit to the reins
- Softens the effect of the mouthpiece on the horse's mouth.
- Sold by pair
- 13 cm long

The Short Pelham Strap connects the Pelham bit to the reins. It is a lightweight strap that softens the effect of the mouthpiece on the horse's mouth.

The Short Pelham Strap gives you the opportunity to ride with only one pair of reins, instead of two, with a pelham bit.

The Short Pelham Strap has thin rope to fit with a lot of different pelham sizes. The strap has a leather hook attachment.

The Strap comes with matching stitching and stainless steel buckles. Available in brown and black

Buffalo leather with chrome tannage that ensures the quality and durability of the product. Feed with paraffin oil and clean with glycerin soap.
Material Buffalo leather