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Classic Show Half Chaps



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The Classic Show Half Caps offer a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and durability.
- Premium calf leather
- Secure and comfortable fit
- Firm grip

These Half Chaps are specially designed for a lasting performance, which makes them an essential to your show riding gear collection. They offer a secure and comfortable fit while ensuring a firm grip on the saddle.

The Classic Show Half Caps are the perfect addition to your show riding gear. They enable optimal performance and an elegant appearance.

Thanks to the elastic strip along the back of the leg and the elastic straps under the knee and feet, the Classic Show Half Caps provide flexibility and adaptability to the rider's movements. The YKK nylon zip fastener and protective pad with injected plastic velcro ensure easy adjustment and a secure fit, optimizing comfort during wear.

The golden Dy’on pin at the top adds a subtle yet distinctive touch of style and class to your equestrian outfit.

Sourced from high-quality smooth calf leather from Belgium, these half caps offer superior durability with a thickness of 1.8mm.
Material Dy'on Leather
Use Shows , Training