ref. 92102-08-L

Dog Bowl Bamboo Terrazzo

Easy cleaning
Long lasting
Dishwasher safe


The Terrazzo design will bring a colorful but sober touch to your interior

The terrazzo design very subtly evokes natural stone in its small shape of different colors.

This bowl is made entirely of bamboo, which has many qualities. First of all, in terms of resistance: bamboo is known to be robust. This is very advantageous with animals who sometimes like to walk their bowls in all rooms of the house. Then, durability: indeed, bamboo is free of chemical additives or petroleum-based plastic. Our bowls are therefore safe for your animals and are also anti-bacterial.

The bowl is non-slip thanks to its very large silicone base. It can be used for water or food as well.

The terrazzo bowl can be washed in the dishwasher.

Made of bamboo
Resistant and durable
Doesn’t slip
Dishwasher safe
Measurements Width 220mm, Height 100mm, Length 220mm
Weight 0.58kg
Material Bamboo
Use Inside
Easy cleaning Yes
Long lasting Yes
Antibacterial Yes
Natural Yes
  • Dishwasher safe