Our commitment

As a company, it is extremely important to know what impact our company has on the environment and how we can reduce this impact. And as a consumer, it is very important to know what actions a company is taking to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

It is our responsibility is to minimize our impact on the environment by analysing different aspects of our production process. So, within our company we looked into our production process including the different materials we use, the way we ship our products to our customers, our headquarters, etc. 

 At many stages of the production process, we were already able to improve. We would like to tell you a little more about it.

Durability is key

We are convinced that the durability of our products can have a positive impact on our planet. Thanks to our vegan materials, we have been able to extend the life of our products. Our promotional video "The Attic" shows our commitment to quality and style.

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Vegan Sheepskin

The vegan sheepskin has the great advantage to sustain many washes compared to the real sheepskin. After several washes, your girth or tendon boots with sheepskin will still look great. 
Vegan sheepskin is as soft and performant as real sheepskin, but better in every way. It’s durable, eco-friendly, and above all, animal-friendly.

Vegan Leather

We achieve our company's core objectives of excellent quality, longevity, and low maintenance while being animal-friendly and eco-friendly by using vegan leather. 
Real leather absorbs both water and dirt, which results in a lot of maintenance work for the rider. Our vegan leather is waterproof and can therefore never be affected by water or dirt. This ensures that the vegan leather is protected against drying out, cracking, and changing colour. 
As our vegan leather is much stronger than real leather, you won’t have to buy as many new products in the long run. This also has a positive impact on the environment. Your vegan leather products will last you a lifetime.

The Eco-friendly HQ

Using 100% green energy, our headquarters in Ronse, Belgium are completely CO2 neutral. One of the many levels in which the organization is doing its part when it comes to being environmentally conscious is regarding cardboard. All cardboard from our suppliers that arrives at headquarters is recycled immediately. This avoids a lot of additional waste. 

 This concept perfectly matches with the image of the Kentucky brand. The building is not only stylish and timeless in design, but also very eco-friendly. 

 To further improve our headquarters in terms of sustainability, the Kentucky headquarters will connect to a green biomass in the future.

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