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Dog Harness Active Teddy Fleece

Wash at 30°C


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The coziest dog harness for your best friend, the Dog Harness Active Teddy Fleece!
- Very soft material
- Easy closing
- Matches with Dog Lead Teddy Fleece

What’s special
The coziest dog harness you will find, our Dog Harness Active Teddy Fleece. The harness does not only match the Dog Lead Teddy Fleece, it also matches our Dog Sweater Teddy Fleece. Do you also want to match with your dog? Shop our Baseball cap Teddy Fleece.

Fabrics & materials
This dog harness has such a cute look on the outside because of the vegan teddy fleece material. On the inside, the harness is reinforced with nylon to assure comfort and extra strength. The dog harness features a ring to attach our matching dog lead.

Shape & size
The harness can be adjusted in the neck and the belly, so you can adapt it to the safest and most comfortable fit for your dog. Because of the two clips around the belly, you will only have to slide the harness over your dog’s head.

Care guide
Machine Washable
Most of our products are machine washable at 30 degrees. However, we recommend washing it as infrequently as possible and using our protective washing bags in order to maintain quality over the long term. We also recommend using professional machines (larger capacity) to limit damage due to the drum of the normal washing machine. To dry it, simply put it outside on a sunny day. The dryer is not recommended.
Weight 0.65kg
Fabric Teddy Fleece
Use Outside
  • No dryer
  • Wash at 30°C