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- Handmade pearl designs
- Artificial leather
- Elegant look
- For breeches and everyday trousers
- Easy cleaning

What’s special
Our belt brightens up every outfit. The belt comes in different pearl designs so you can choose your favorite. The pearls are attached by hand, for improved quality.

Fabrics & materials
The belt is made from our vegan and animal-friendly artificial leather. This material is resistant to water and doesn’t crack or gets hard. Therefore, is an accessory you will wear for many years. The buckle of the belt is gold-plated.

Shape & size
The belt is available in many sizes, please consult our size guide to find the size that fits you best. Additional holes can be punched if needed.

Care guide
Do not clean the belt by putting it in the washing machine. To avoid damage to the pearls, the pearl details can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The artificial leather part can be cleaned with our tack cleaner.

Artificial Leather

Kentucky is an animal-friendly brand. Therefore, all our leather products are made out of artificial leather.

Easy Cleaning

Our products are really easy to clean and maintain.

Long Lasting

Kentucky aims for excellence. We know the equestrian world and its specificities. This is why we did our best to offer products that will last in time regarding all weather conditions.

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