Stable Name Plate Hanger



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The name of your horse on a very chic plate

The Grooming Deluxe box plate will allow you to have your horse's name on the door of his box, while bringing a very chic style to your stables. The metal plate is fully customizable since its two screws allow it to be removed and then be engraved.

It is made up of a bamboo base as well as a chain that will allow you to hang it very easily on the bars of the box thanks to its simple closures on each side.

For cleaning, simply dust off the plate with a damp cloth

- Can be engraved
- Bamboo base
- Chain with simple closures

Bamboo Wood

We use bamboo for our products to bring more resistance and because we care about the environment.

Easy Cleaning

Our products are really easy to clean and maintain.


Our fabrics and materials are as natural as possible because we care about the environment.

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