We achieve our company's core objectives of quality, longevity, and low maintenance by using vegan leather. Real leather absorbs both water and dirt, which results in a lot of maintenance work for the rider. Our vegan leather is waterproof and can therefore never be affected by water or dirt. This ensures that the vegan leather is protected against drying out, cracking, and changing color. Made to sustain the washing machine at 30° which means the vegan leather can simply be cleaned with water and a sponge. 

Vegan leather has a very high abrasion resistance, tear strength and strong resistance to puncture holes that can be caused by studs. Because it is a lot lighter than real leather, it ensures extra comfort and enhances the performance. From an environmental point of view, vegan leather is also way more eco-friendly than real leather. 

 When it comes to aesthetics, our vegan leather can be matched with all other tack, as it is extremely difficult to notice the difference with real leather. Our vegan leather benefits horse, rider and groom.

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