Kentucky Dogwear comes from passion and expertise. With broad knowledge in the textile and making protective horse equipment, we can ensure strong, stylish and high-quality products for your dog. The extra touch to our products is the love for dogs, as we know your dog deserves the best.


Playing is essential for dogs! Discover our fun and timeless dog toys, perfectly styled to blend in your interior.

The perfect fit

Finding the right size for your dog can be challenging. To spare you from unnecessary frustrations, we provided a page full of information, guidelines and demonstrating videos. This way you and your dog can enjoy Kentucky's products to the fullest.

Our materials

Kentucky Horsewear develops high quality products for horses and dogs and cannot do so while harming other animals. Therefore, we only use products that don’t contain animal ingredients like vegan leather, vegan sheepskin and vegan rabbit skin. The only difference is better quality and durability.