ref. SET-42579-10-SJ

Velvet Set Jumping


This Velvet Set Jumping includes the following products:
- Saddle Pad Velvet Jumping
- Polar Fleece Bandages Velvet
- Fly Veil Wellington Velvet

Saddle Pad Velvet Jumping
- Star quilting
- Double twisted piping
- Jumping shaped
- Room to embroider

Polar Fleece Bandages Velvet
- 280 g/m²
- Anti-pilling
- Strong Velcro fastening
- Support the tendons
- 325 cm x 12 cm

Fly Veil Wellington Velvet
- Fly protection with American look
- Velvet details
- Quality knitting by hand
- Extended neck piece to prevent the fly veil from slipping

Care guide
The Saddle Pad Velvet Jumping and Polar Fleece Bandages Velvet can be washed at 30°, no dryer. The Fly Veil Wellington Velvet can only be hand washed.
Measurements Width 500mm, Height 60mm, Length 690mm
Weight 0.94kg