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Hoof Pick with metal bristles


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The Hoof Pick with Metal Bristles will help you give your horse perfectly clean hooves.

- Metal bristles for better cleaning
- Ideal for cleaning your horse's feet
- Long lasting

What’s special
The Hoof Pick is ideal to clean the hooves after riding or when your horse comes out of the field. It removes sand and stubborn dirt, and you can combine it with the Hoof Brush to perfectly clean your horse’s hooves.

Fabrics & materials
The Hoof Pick pick is made of rubberwood with a rigid metal brush that will last a very long time.

Shape & size
The Hoof Pick with Metal Bristles has an anatomical shape.

Care guide
To remove sand and dirt, you can easily clean the Hoof Pick with some warm water.
Measurements Width 210mm, Height 130mm, Length 230mm
Weight 1.318kg