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Fly Mask Skin Friendly with ears

Soft for the skin
Fly repellent
Wash at 30°C
Anatomically designed
Vegan Sheepskin


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The Fly Mask Skin Friendly With Ears with ears protects your horse’s eyes and ears against flies and other insects without covering the nose. The artificial sheepskin on the nose and around the forehead makes it perfect for horses with sensitive skin.

- Artificial sheepskin on nose and around the forehead
- Double Velcro closure
- Strong and breathable materials
- 100% UV-blocking mesh fabric
- Retains its shape

What’s special
The Fly Mask Skin Friendly with ears is designed to shield your horse's eyes and ears from pesky insects without covering the nose. The added artificial sheepskin on the nose and forehead areas not only enhances comfort for horses with delicate skin but also maintains maximum insect protection without bothering the horse.

The innovative design of the Fly Mask Friendly is the best choice for breeding mares and horses that are outside 24/7. It can be used in the field and is resilient against playful horses.

Fabrics & materials
This Fly Mask is made of a strong, ultra-breathable mesh fabric which promises durability. The edges of the Fly Mask Skin Friendly are very soft to avoid rubbing and the addition of artificial sheepskin around the sensitive areas provides an extra protection. To secure a comfortable fit, the Fly Mask is closed with a double Velcro closure under the horse’s jaw.

Shape & size
The Fly Mask Skin Friendly with Ears is available in two sizes: Full and Cob.

Care guide
This mask is machine washable at 30 degrees. However, we recommend washing it as infrequently as possible and using our protective washing bags to maintain their quality over the long term. We also recommend using professional machines (larger capacity) to limit damage due to the drum of the normal washing machine. To dry it, simply put it outside on a sunny day. The dryer is not recommended.
Measurements Width 380mm, Height 20mm, Length 350mm
Weight 0.62kg
Season Spring , Summer
Material Mesh , Vegan Sheepskin
Use Outside
Breathable Yes
Lightweight Yes
Soft for the skin Yes
Fly repellent Yes
Anatomically designed Yes
  • No dryer
  • Wash at 30°C