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Dog Harness Active Velvet

Wash at 30°C
Anatomically designed


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- Designed for maximum wearability
- Pressure is divided better thanks to the velvet padding
- Easy to put on your dog
- 2 clips to close the harness
- Adjustable on 3 spots
What’s special
The Dog Harness Active Velvet is designed for maximum wearability. Thanks to the velvet reinforcements the pressure is divided better over the dog’s chest. Therefore, the harness is ideal for long hikes and running but also for dogs with neck and back problems. The harness has 2 clips to close the harness, so you don’t have to lift your dog’s leg to put it on. The harness comes in several colors to match every kind of dog.

Fabrics & materials
The base of the harness is a strong nylon, which is very resistant to tearing. The velvet reinforcements are extremely soft and therefore comfortable to wear. This prevents chafing of the coat and divides pressure evenly over the dog’s chest. For an extra cushioning effect, the velvet padding is provided by a mousse. The 2 clips are very strong and durable to ensure your dog’s safety.

Shape & size
The harness can be adjusted in the neck and the belly, so you can adapt it to the safest and most comfortable fit for your dog. Because of the two clips around the belly, you will only have to slide the harness over your dog’s head.

Care guide
To wash the harness, simply put it in a washing bag and then wash it at 30 degrees. Make sure to close the clasps. Do not put the harness in the dryer.
Measurements Width 150mm, Height 60mm, Length 300mm
Weight 0.65kg
Fabric Velvet
Anatomically designed Yes
  • Wash at 30°C