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Half Pad Impact Equalizer

Wash at 30°C
Anatomically designed
Shock absorbing
3D Spacer
Vegan Leather


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What it does
Our half pad impact equalizer absorbs all shocks and evenly balances them out. This does not only relieve the horse’s back, but also the back of the rider. Due to this, the pad is excellent for every discipline. The pad is also suitable for normal training as it is continuously equalizing the pressure on the horse’s back. It will be simpler to relax and tighten the muscles of the horse. This will benefit while riding because the horse can move more freely. In the long term, this contributes to a flexible and mobile horse. Any shocks generated by the rider will be absorbed too, this will stabilize the saddle and has ergonomic benefits for both the rider and the horse.

How it works
The saddle pad is made of memory foam and 3D spacer. The combination of these materials create a shock-absorbing pad. While the memory foam divides the pressure equally and constantly adapts to the shape of the horse. The 3D spacer ensures the back to ventilate due to its air-permeable features. By using these materials we created a half pad that is 20 to 30% lighter than most other pads available on the market. Not only is the pad lighter than others, but it will also make you feel closer to the horse and improve communication between you and your horse.

What’s inside
Kentucky Horsewear used a memory foam that is known for its use in the army and as protective gear. We developed a half pad that protects your horse the same way. The 3D spacer is a 3D honeycomb structure with a cushioning effect, which has shock-absorbing performances. The material is highly breathable and ensures that the horse’s back won’t heat up. This will diminish any irritations at the back of the horse.

The cut for the withers is made of artificial leather and offers comfort as the horse’s spine has less pressure. The pad is provided with a silicone grip pattern, this will avoid the pad from slipping under the saddle.

Care guide for the half pad impact equalizer
The half pad impact equalizer is washable at 30 degrees. Remove the memory foam on the inside of the half pad before washing. Do not tumble dry afterward.

- Absorbs and balances pressures
- Makes the horse move more freely
- Ergonomic benefits for horses and riders
- Highly breathable and air permeable
- Made from high-quality memory foam and 3D spacer
Measurements Width 360mm, Height 100mm, Length 660mm
Weight 0.65kg
Material 3D Spacer , Memory Foam , Silicone , Vegan Leather
Use Shows , Training
Breathable Yes
Lightweight Yes
Anatomically designed Yes
Shock absorbing Yes
  • Wash at 30°C