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Under Rug Skin Friendly Neck

Soft for the skin
Wash at 30°C
Shavings repellent
Vegan rabbit skin


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The cozy and soft rug that you can easily adapt to your horse’s needs.

- Artificial rabbit skin on the inside which prevents rubbing
- Perfect for horses with sensitive skin or clipped horses
- The filling does not absorb any smell
- Neck is included and is lined with artificial rabbit skin
- Neck is removable with a double velcro closure
- Easily combined with other Kentucky rugs
- Machine washable

What’s special
This cosy under rug skin-friendly is perfect for horses with sensitive skin. The under rug comes with a neck which is also lined with artificial rabbit skin. The neck part has been designed not to add extra pressure to the withers. It closes with a double velcro closure. The shape of the rug the rug is easily combined with other rugs and can therefore be adjusted to your horse’s needs.

Fabrics & materials
The outside of the under rug skin-friendly is made from polyester microfiber. The yarn in this fabric was sanded to create a cotton touch. The lining of the under rug is our popular artificial rabbit skin. The artificial rabbit skin is very pleasant for your horse to wear, particularly for horses with sensitive skin or clipped horses. The lining creates an extra isolating layer to hold your horse’s body warmth and creates a shiny effect on the horse’s coat. The 150g fiber filling has the same advantages as down, but it does, unlike down, not absorb any smell.

Shape & size
The under rug is a little shorter than other rugs so it won’t absorb moisture. Thanks to the artificial rabbit skin, the rug always moves back into the right place. Because of the polyester microfiber, the rug stays more in place with other rugs. The rug closes with a front closure in combination with a hook and loop fastening. On the back are 2 D rings provided to attach a tail cord. The attachement of the neck is different, here is double velcro is used.

Care guide
For the best performances, the under rug skin friendly is best washed once a month
(machine washable on 30°). Do not tumble dry the rug after washing
Measurements Width 300mm, Height 280mm, Length 600mm
Weight 0.65kg
Material Vegan rabbit skin
Use Stable
Breathable Yes
Soft for the skin Yes
Shavings repellent Yes
  • No dryer
  • Wash at 30°C