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Fleece Show Rug Heavy

Quick dry
Wash at 30°C
Shavings repellent
For transport


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The Kentucky Fleece Show Rug Heavy has the look and feel of the authentic well-known wool rug without all the inconveniences that a wool rug can have.
- Wool-like look and touch
- Absorbs sweat or water
- Keeps your horse warm and dry
- Detachable surcingles on the inside of the rug
- 100% polyester

What’s special
This rug mimics the elegant appearance of traditional wool while eliminating its typical drawbacks. This Fleece Rug is crafted from 100% polyester which offers durability and ease of care. Perfect for post-training or bathing in cooler climates, this rug ensures your horse remains warm and dry, preventing any discomfort from chilling.

Fabric & materials
The rug is highly absorbent and quickly wicks away sweat or water. The entire neck and chest are covered with vegan sheepskin, which not only provides warmth but also adds comfort. The rug is finished with vegan leather piping and elegant front closures.

Shape & size
The Kentucky Fleece Show Rug Heavy is thoughtfully designed with two internal detachable surcingles equipped with clips, making it adaptable for different uses, including as a show rug. This flexibility allows for a custom fit tailored to the specific needs of your horse, ensuring the rug stays securely in place without shifting.

Care guide
Maintaining this rug is straightforward: it is machine washable at a gentle 30° cycle to preserve its fibers and detailing. To ensure longevity and performance, avoid using a dryer.
Measurements Width 260mm, Height 260mm, Length 540mm
Weight 0.25kg
Season Fall , Spring , Summer , Winter
Material Fleece
Use For transport , Shows , Stable , Training
Breathable Yes
Quick dry Yes
Shavings repellent Yes
  • No dryer
  • Wash at 30°C