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Velvet Halter

Wash at 30°C
For transport


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- Strong nylon halter - Velvet details - The nameplate can be personalized - Gold brass details - Matches all your beloved velvet products. What’s special For all the fans of our velvet equipment, we now have a halter with velvet fabric. The nameplate on the halter can be turned over and personalized with your horse’s name, for example. Fabrics & size The halter is made from a strong nylon, to ensure your horse’s safety. The nose, cheek, and crownpiece are reinforced with velvet padding. This is very soft to touch and comfortable to wear. The halter closes with a gold brass carabiner hook and is adjustable on both sides of the crown piece for a perfect fit. Care guide The velvet halter is very easy to maintain, and therefore the perfect everyday halter. When the halter is dirty, simply put it in a washing bag and wash it at 30 degrees. After washing, let airdry completely before putting it back on your horse.
Weight 0.65kg
Fabric Velvet
Use For transport , Inside , Outside , Shows , Stable , Travelling
  • No dryer
  • Wash at 30°C