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Horse Duvet

Wash at 30°C
Shavings repellent


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A professional rug that creates a cocoon of warmth around your horse.
- Used by professionals
- Retains body heat and keeps out the cold
- Fiber fil does not absorb any smell
- Can be used on different types of horses
- Extended neckpiece

What’s special
The horse duvet is often used by professionals as an under rug. The warm rug retains the body heat and keeps out the cold. No more fuss about multiple tangling cross surcingles and no more pressure of multiple front closures as the duvet does not contain any closures.

Note: the belly surcingle is not included when purchasing this rug.

Fabrics & materials
The inside and outside of the horse duvet are made from polyester microfiber. This fabric has a soft cotton touch and stays more in place. The filling of the duvet is a 300g fiber fill. This material consists of several layers of filling in which warm air can circulate. This creates a cocoon of warmth around your horse, while it’s still breathable. Fiber fill does not absorb any smell and always gets back into its original shape.

Shape & size
The horse duvet can, thanks to its big rectangle shape, be used on different types of horses. This is very practical for riders with multiple horses as the rug always fits. The rug stays, thanks to the polyester microfiber, in place under other rugs. If you want to use an elastic to keep the rug in place, nylon girth straps are provided. For extra grip, the cotton sheet can be used under the under rug. The extended neck piece offers extra cover. And because of the lack of pressure between the rug and manes, there is no rubbing. The neckpiece also can be folded over for extra coverage.

Care guide
The horse duvet is washable at 30 degrees. We recommend to air dry the rug afterward.
Measurements Width 300mm, Height 300mm, Length 600mm
Weight 0.5kg
Season Fall , Spring , Summer , Winter
Use Stable
Breathable Yes
Shavings repellent Yes
  • No dryer
  • Wash at 30°C