Fly Veil Wellington Velvet Pearls



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- Velvet and pearl details
- Hand knitted
- Slim fit
- Extended neck part to avoid slipping
- Handwashing only

What’s special
The fly veil velvet pearls is a real eye-catcher, and protects the ears of the horse in the meantime. The fly veil matches the velvet pearls saddle pad and bandages.

Fabrics & materials
The fly veil is hand knitted for better durability. The material around the ears is made from a stretchy slim fit fabric and keeps all bugs out.

Shape & size
The fly veil is shaped in the modern wellington shape. The neck part is extended so it doesn’t slip under the bridle. There’s no logo on the front, so it can easily be embroidered.

Care guide
The fly veil velvet pearls is not machine washable. We recommend hand wash only.

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