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Get a very fancy look at the stables and at shows with this Jute Bag XL. You can stock all kind of material in it: it comes very handy when you don’t have to go back and forth carrying your belongings. This bag is made out of jute with nylon hooks. It is waterproof and very resistant.

- Jute bag with nylon hooks
- Waterproof and very resistant
- Size: XL

Stable Use

Most of our rugs can be used in the stable, depending on the level of warmth you are looking for your horse.

Transport Use

If you need a rug to use during transportation, look out for this icon. The rugs proposed should give you the best warmth-to-weight ratio.


We developed a range of waterproof items to make sure your horse doesn’t get wet when outside. The fabrics we use for our waterproof items keep water from entering into them.

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