Transport & Stable

Travel safe and in style with our state of the art protection.
They all come in very handy during transportation!

Nylon Holder Hook & Ring

5.99 €
Sizes: One Size
Colours: black, navy

The nylon holder is a handy stable equipment buddy that helps you hang up various kinds of equipment

Head Protector

34.99 €
Sizes: One Size
Colours: navy

The Kentucky Horsewear Head Protector is the ideal protection for the head of your horse whilst being in the stable.

Stable Guard

44.99 €
Sizes: One Size
Colours: navy

The Kentucky Stable Guard enables your horse to put his head outside of the stall to relax.

Stable Curtain

124.99 €
Sizes: One Size
Edge colours: navy

The Kentucky Stable Curtain offers your horse the well deserved rest on the show or at home.

Kick Pad Kick Pad

Kick Pad

149.99 €
Sizes: 100 x 120 cm
Colours: black

Thanks to its lightness, this Kick Pad is easy to take with you and offers your horse the protection it needs, wherever he/she goes.

Tail Guard & Tail Bag Tail Guard & Tail Bag

Tail Guard & Tail Bag

29.99 €
Sizes: One Size
Colours: black

This Tail Guard exists out of two separate pieces: the neoprene tail guard and the 150D polyester bag, allowing you to use to the tail guard without the bag.