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The Sole Tape helps sensitive or injured horses and prevents infections within the sole area. When you need to apply a medical bandage it’s hard to keep it in the hoof, clean and dry. Our Sole Tape is a quick fix for this problem. It is easy to fit and remove and single use. To absolutely make sure that it sticks some Tesa Tape can be used to tape it to the hoof.

- For applying medical bandages
- Keeps the hoof clean and dry
- Easy to fit and remove
- Can be used with Tesa Tape to make sure it sticks

Stable Use

Most of our rugs can be used in the stable, depending on the level of warmth you are looking for your horse.


We developed a range of waterproof items to make sure your horse doesn’t get wet when outside. The fabrics we use for our waterproof items keep water from entering into them.

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