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Marble Candle

Add a pleasant scented note to your home
- Hand made
- Vegetable Wax
- Two scents

What’s special
The candles are handmade in Belgium and are poured into our marble bowls. A perfect combination to bring a fragrant note and style to your home.

Fabrics & materials
We use our own special high-quality blend of vegetable waxes, combined with premium quality cotton wicks.

The candles are available in two scents:

Paris Couture: Classic, sophisticated, and avant-garde. This scent creates a voluptuous ambiance with primary notes of oud and cistus, a heart of saffron and Moroccan cedar and a base of tobacco and patchouli.

Orient: A sensual and rich oriental fragrance with notes of orange, cinnamon, almond, cedarwood, sandalwood and vanilla.

Care guide
It is recommended to remove a maximum of 1cm from the wick before burning your candle. If the candle produces black smoke, the wick is too long. We recommend lighting all the wicks at the same time so that the candle can burn evenly.