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This varnished oval brush is filled with short hard nylon bristles to help distribute the oil of the coat and produce a shiny, glowing coat. The bristles in the center are smoother for a better action. It is ideal to use in winter, on horses with a thicker coat. This brush has a cotton strap to hold your hand. Clean your brush by damping it into soapy warm water and make sur it lasts for a long time. Your horse will become the star of the stables thanks to this brush!

- Short hard nylon bristles
- Cotton strap
- Long lasting
- 2 grips & anatomic shape

Anatomically Designed

Our products are anatomically designed. Using them has never been so easy!

Easy Cleaning

Our products are really easy to clean and maintain.

Synthetic Fiber

We use synthetic fibers in our products not to harm any animal.

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