Hoof Pick Small



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- Pocket size
- Must-have for shows
- Varnished rubberwood
- Polypropylene fiber bristles
- Anatomic shape

What’s special
The hoof pick small can be used for daily hoof picking or on the go. Thanks to its pocket-size shape, the hoof pick is a great and quick tool during competitions.

The hoof pick is made from varnished rubberwood, for great durability. The bristles of the brush size are made from polypropylene fiber. These are hard and resistant bristles to easily remove dirt. The hoof pick is also provided with a small cord, so you can easily hang it within reach.

Shape & Size
The hoof pick small is 12cm high and 5cm wide. The shape is anatomically designed and provided with a grip so it’s pleasant to hold.

Care guide
To remove sand and dirt, you can easily wash the hoof pick in soapy water.