Why do we use artificial rabbit skin?

September 23, 2021

Why do we use artificial rabbit skin?

Some of our rugs have an artificial rabbit skin lining. This super-soft lining is loved by many riders. But what is so special about this lining? And could your horse benefit from this? Discover it in this blog post.

What’s artificial rabbit skin?

Most rugs on the market have a nylon lining. This lining is a good basic layer, but at Kentucky, we wanted to go the extra mile and go for increased comfort. That’s why we came up with artificial rabbit skin.

It’s an extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable lining made from tiny hairs of different lengths. Because of the different lengths, tiny air pockets are formed. These air pockets can trap the horse’s body heat and retain it when the horse needs it. This creates, next to filling, an extra isolating layer around the horse.

What are the benefits of artificial rabbit skin?

Horses with sensitive skin or that are just clipped tend to love the soft artificial rabbit skin lining. It’ creates a cozy and warm feeling around the horse. Because of its softness, the rug causes no rubbing marks on the horse’s shoulders or withers.

The faux rabbit skin makes sure the rug will always glide back into the original place, even after your horse rolled. In addition, the lining works a bit like a grooming glove and therefore leaves a shiny coat behind.

How to take care of your artificial rabbit skin products?

The artificial rabbit skin fabric is easy to maintain. First, no hairs will stick into the lining. Next to that, is the lining washable at 30 degrees. Even after washing artificial rabbit skin multiple times, it will keep its softness.

Artificial rabbit skin in stable products

Some of our stable products like the boots bag or the saddle cover also contain an artificial rabbit skin lining. Here the lining is not used to protect your horse, but to protect your leather goods. As leather is quickly damaged by scratching, the imitation rabbit skin offers an extra protective layer.

Artificial Rabbit Skin

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