Why 3D spacer is the perfect material for the summer

June 14, 2021

Why 3D spacer is the perfect material for the summer

At Kentucky, everyone loves the 3D spacer material, especially during summer! In this blog, we’ll tell you why we like it that much.

What is 3D spacer?

3D spacer is, like the name suggests, a 3D structured fabric. It is made of a double honeycomb structure that is composed of 94% air. The 3D spacer technology was developed for the medical field and now also serves as material for matrasses and sports shoes.

Because of its structure, 3D spacer is very light and has a shock-absorbing effect. The material is also very breathable and air preamble to transfer body heat and moisture, and so avoid sweating.  Thanks to the honeycomb structure, products with 3D spacer offer a cushioning effect. This feels very comfortable for horses

3D spacer for horse equipment.

When your horse is wearing 3D spacer thermoregulation, breathability, pressure stability, and elasticity will be improved. This makes it the ideal summer material. Our 3D spacer can be found in rugs like the 3D spacer cooler sheet and the mesh combo cooler sheet. These rugs both can be used in the field, in the stable, during transport, and after washing.

The benefit of 3D spacer in rugs is that hairs won’t stick into the lining. After washing or a workout, the rugs both gradually cool down your horse, thanks to the airflow that can circulate. Besides, the combination of the cushioning effect of the 3D spacer and the anatomic shape makes the rugs very comfortable for your horse to wear.

The difference between the 2 rugs is the mesh fabric on the sides. The Mesh combo cooler sheet is provided with a light mesh fabric on the side to keep off the bugs. It’s also a bit looser as the detachable surcingles are on the inside of the rug. The rug is therefore perfect to use as a fly sheet with some 3D spacer comfort.

To protect the legs of your horse, we also have 3D spacer brushing boots. These boots are therefore extremely light and breathable. The brushing boots are reinforced with a shock-absorbing EVA foam to fully protect your horse’s legs. You can use the brushing boots in the field and during training as they are very protective and breathable.

3D spacer fabric is washable at 30 degrees. Do not use a dryer afterward.

3D Spacer Cooler Sheet

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