What is the purpose of a fly veil?

January 21, 2021

What is the purpose of a fly veil?

A fly veil does not only complete your look, it also has multiple benefits while riding your horse. In this blog post we’ll tell you what a fly veil does and why so many people love it.

A Fly veil for fly protection

As the name suggests a fly veil protects the ears of your horse against flies and other insects. As ears are one of the most sensitive parts of a horse, it’s important to protect them. A fly veil avoids that your horse gets annoyed and starts shaking his head every time an insect is buzzing around his ears. This will improve his focus and will come in handy when you’re on a competition.

For the horses that are really sensitive to flies and need a little more protection we’ve developed a fly mask. This fly mask protects next to the ears, also the eyes of the horse from any insect. the fabric is a slim fit fabric that is very light and breathable. To avoid that the eye parts are touching the horse’s eyes, they have a special mechanism that pops the eye parts always back into place. As most fly masks can only be used in the field, our fly mask can go over a bridle so you don’t need to worry during your rides and your horse will always be protected. 

A fly veil to mute ambient noise

A fly veil reduces also the noise around your horse. This will make him more focused and less distracted or spooked. Especially you’re on a competition where there is a lot of loud music and distractions. If a normal fly veil still distracts your horse, you can try one of our soundless fly veils. These fly veils have a special sound-blocking material in the ears that reduces 50% of the noise and keeps your horse focused. 

A fly veil for style

A fly veil looks super sophisticated. We have models with pearls or with glitters to really catch the eye. You can also have a fly veil matching with our saddle pads and bandages like the velvet collection.

Need some extra luck during your competitions? Try one of our lucky charms and we’re sure you’ll have an excellent ride.

How to put a fly veil on?

A Fly veil is quite easy to put over a horse’s ears, however you do have to be careful. First put one ear into the fly veil and gently pull it down till the tip of the ear is in the tip of the fly veil. Then put the other ear in the fly veil, as you did for the other one. Next you put on the bridle of your horse like you normally do. The benefit of our fly veils is that you don’t have to fasten it with cords as we have a longer neck part to avoid the fly veil from slipping under your bridle.

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