Tips for making perfect pictures of your dog

June 20, 2022

Tips for making perfect pictures of your dog

Unless you have a very well-trained dog that knows what to do when you say ‘smile,’ it can be challenging to take the perfect picture of your dog. In this blog, we have six tips for you on how to get Insta-worthy dog pictures. Stay tuned!


Make sure you’re well prepared

Preparation is key. If you’re planning on doing portraits, ensure your dog is a little tired and take him for a walk in advance. Do the opposite if you’re planning on taking action shots. Also, make sure to look for a lovely location. Don’t forget about your dog either. A grooming session and a nice outfit already give that little extra to the picture. Do a check on the batteries of your camera/phone. It would be a pity to be fully prepared but have to cancel because you have no battery left.

Find something that interests your dog

Dog’s will not always listen to their names during a shoot. The longer the shoot, the less interest he has in the camera. Therefore take something to catch his attention. This could be his favorite treats or a toy. Something that squeaks is also always a good idea.

Make sure to have the proper perspective

The proper perspective can change a lot in a picture. For dog pictures, this means you will often have to go through your knees to come to an eyesight level. If you’re getting more confident in taking pictures, it’s also fun to experiment with the different perspectives. For example, taking pictures from above your dog. There are plenty of possibilities for you to find out which one you like best.

Be ready to click, a lot

The more clicks you make, the more chance you have for the best picture of your dog. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take many pictures. Especially when your dog is moving, which they do a lot, this is interesting as catching the right move is not always easy. You can select the best ones after the shoot and are sure you have great pictures.

The light should be on point
Light can make or break your picture. Here are some tips to have the best light on your photo. Always use natural light. In most cases, this looks better than a flash. If you’re using natural light, you also don’t want to work with direct sunlight. This light seems harsh and creates many shadows. Make sure the sun is behind some clouds to have diffuse light.
Focus on the good

Try always to have a focus point in your pictures. This will be your dog most often, but if you’re doing portrait pictures, this will be a little different. Then opt for focusing on the eyes or the nose. This gives a nice depth to your dog’s face and the picture.



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