Things you did not know about sleeping dogs

March 17, 2021

Things you did not know about sleeping dogs

A sleeping dog is one of the most adorable things in the world. But do you know how much time a dog spends sleeping? Read that and many other facts in this blog.

How long does a dog sleep?

A dog spends almost half of its life asleep, this is around 9-14 hours of sleep each day. During the day they take shorter naps, during the night a longer nap. Unlike humans who have sleep cycles of 6-8 hours, dogs only sleep for approximately 45 minutes. The amount of time your dog is sleeping depends on the breed, size, age and activity of your dog. Larger breeds need more sleep than smaller breeds, for example. Puppies and senior dogs also need more sleep, they need 18 to 20 hours of sleep. Especially for puppies, sleep is important to grow and to develop their brains.

Do dogs dream?

A dog can dream like we do. Scientists have found out that small dogs have more, but shorter dreams and larger breeds dream less often but for longer. So, you might have caught your dog dreaming already. You can recognize a dreaming dog when he is moving his legs a little bit like he is running, or when he’s crying or barking softly. When your dog is dreaming, it’s best not to wake him up as you might scare him.

Does a dog need a bed?

A dog spends around five hours a day on his paws. Considering this, a dog is laying down a lot. If your dog is laying on the couch, floor or in your bed, he will not get the support that a dog bed gives. A good dog bed will support the muscles and the joints of your dog. For puppies who are developing their body or for older dogs who suffer from aging issues, a supportive bed is a must. A good rest is necessary for your dog to stay healthy and to improve his memory. Also, when you have a bed only for your dog, this will be his safe spot, where he can ultimately relax and where nobody bothers him.  

What’s important when choosing a dog bed?

There’re a lot of dog beds on the market, in different kinds of styles. If you’re looking into buying a new dog bed, there’re a few things to keep in mind. Choose a bed that has the right fit. Imagine that you have to sleep in a bed where your feet or head sticks out all the time, that is not that comfy. This also applies to dogs, so it’s best to buy a bed that is big enough to support the whole body. It’s also important to check if the filling of the bed is chambered. If the bed consists of just 1 large part of filling, the filling will most likely go to the sides and not be able to protect your dog properly. Another important thing is that the dog bed is easy to wash. As dogs love to eat in their bed, lose a lot of hair in their beds and bring a lot of dirt in their bed, we advise you to take a fabric that is machine washable. And last but not least, safety. Your dog needs a safe space to sleep. It’s important that there are no hard or sharp objects sticking out of the bed. It’s also important that the bed is chew resistant and that the filling is not dangerous to dogs.

The Kentucky dog beds check all of these points. The beds come in different sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for your dog. All the beds are washable at 30 degrees and remain soft. On top of that is the filling separated in different chambers and is it chew-proof! Find the perfect dog bed in our range of stylish dog beds and offer your dog a comfy rest.  

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