The origin of the Show Rug

November 10, 2020

The origin of the Show Rug

The equine world is impossible to imagine without our classic and chic Show Rug. Everything Kentucky Horsewear stands for is found in the Show Rug. Read some amazing facts over the original Show Rug here.

Good things take time

The development of the Show Rug took more than 3 years. It started with material research and listening to riders all over the world. With all the collected research, a sketch was made of how the classic Show Rug was supposed to look like. After the sketch, the different fabrics had to be chosen. With the expertise of Kentucky Horswear’s CEO, Thomas Tuytens, in the textile industry, all fabrics had to go through a quality check. Only the best fabrics remained, and different samples were made. During this process, Thomas was constantly checking the quality of the fabrics. In the end, only the best remained, and the Show Rug was born. 

What makes the original Show Rug so special?

When the Show Rug came out in 2017 no one wanted the rug. The rug was too different from other rugs you could find in the equestrian market. Today, more than 20.000 horses are using our famous Show Rug. The big success of the show Rug is due to its extraordinary quality. The outside of the Show Rug is made of a super-strong fabric to avoid the horse from damaging it. The inside is lined with our signature artificial rabbit skin, which is super soft. The artificial rabbit skin polishes the hairs of the horse for a shiny effect and avoids rubbing. Aside from the esthetic features, it also retains the body heat offering a warm and comfortable blanket. 

Giving your horse 100% comfort can only be done with a 100% care for animals. At Kentucky Horsewear, we never use materials that contain animal ingredients. We recreate the best features of those fabrics and make it even better. We also care about you, as the products are easily washable. The Show Rug can be washed at 30 degrees and looks brand new! 

The artificial sheepskin and quilted style are nowadays a common trend in stables all over the world. The quality and durability are what make the original Show Rug so great! But what most people don’t know is that the rug is completely handmade. Every stitch you see is made by a real person. By doing this the quality of the rug is ensured all the time. 

As Kentucky wants to keep innovating, we listen to you all the time. Next to our classic navy and black Show Rugs we also came with some limited-edition colors. In 2018 we had the Bordeaux edition, it was such a great success that we decided to add it again to the winter collection of 2020. In 2019 we had the green-grey version and in 2020 the black-black and dark green Show Rug. Who knows if they might have a comeback too? 

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