The best way to protect your horse against flies

June 03, 2021

The best way to protect your horse against flies

Now that the days are getting warmer, all kinds of bugs are here to bother your horse. We’ve got some tips to protect your horse this spring and summer.

In the field

In the field, your horse will probably be bothered the most by flies. If a normal fly spray doesn’t offer enough protection, you can try a fly sheet. The Kentucky Fly sheet is very light and yet breathable so your horse can enjoy the nice weather. But thanks to the perfect fitting and light mesh, the rug can be used in the stable too. If your horse is really sensitive to insects and needs a little more protection, we advise you to take the fly rug. This rug is a little longer and comes with a neckpiece and a tail flap so it can offer the ultimate protection. during the development of the fly rug, we invested a lot of time in the shape and materials. This ensures the best protection against any insect!

Flies are often attracted to the eyes of the horse. This is because there are proteins in the tear fluid that feeds them. If your horse is bugged by the flies and to avoid eye infection, you can use a fly mask. The Kentucky Fly Mask Pro also protects the nose if that’s needed. The shape of the mask is designed to always bounce back to its original shape without touching the horse’s head. This makes it the perfect mask to wear in the field. To avoid rubbing marks, the mask is finished off with smooth lycra.

In the stable

Flies are attracted by the smell of horses and manure. Therefore, it’s important to keep the stable as clean as possible. Try also to wash your horse more often. On top of that, a shower is very refreshing on warm days. To quickly dry your horse, and avoid that he’s all sandy again, the mesh combo cooler sheet is a great rug. The back of the rug is made from 3D spacer and the sides from mesh fabric. While the 3D spacer absorbs the moisture quickly while staying light and breathable, the mesh fabric is easy to use as a flysheet.

During training

Insects bothering your horse during training or competition is the most annoying thing ever. When your horse shakes its head too much to keep the bugs away, you can try one of our fly veils. A fly veil protects the ears of the horses and adds an extra touch to your horse’s outfit. If your horse needs more protection, you can try the fly mask slim fit. This mask can be used both during riding and in the field. Thanks to the stretchy lycra fabric, the mask fits closely to the horse’s head.  This makes it easy to put over a bridle and makes sure no insects can fly in the mask. The eyes have a special shape to make sure they can’t irritate the eyes.

During transport

To make transport as comfortable as possible, try to keep the truck bug-free. If you open some windows, you could create an airflow in the truck, which flies don’t like. For your horse, a little breeze can also be comfortable on a warm day. If your horse is still bugged, you can try the 3D spacer cooler sheet. This rug is entirely made from our 3D spacer material, which allows body heat and sweat to flow through. Therefore, your horse is never sweaty or damp and protected against insects.

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