Temperature guide for rugging – spring edition

April 20, 2021

Temperature guide for rugging – spring edition

During spring the temperatures can fluctuate a lot. One moment it pours and rains, five minutes later the sun shines bright and during the night it freezes. This is actually a good illustration that in spring there is not just one rug that will do. If you’re not sure what kind of rug you can use best during this time of the year, read our spring rugging guide to find out.

Weather forecast: cloudy days (5-15 degrees)

On a cloudy day, the weather app on your phone is your best friend. It’s important to check the situation a lot to see what your horse needs. If your horse is standing in the field, he can use some fly protection. Use the lightweight mesh fly sheet to offer protection against any insect. If your horse is stabled and clipped try our stable rug 0g, this rug is lined with artificial rabbit skin that avoids rubbing marks and feels extra soft on the clipped skin.

If you need to wash your horse and you want to avoid your horse catches a cold, use our cooler fleece rug to rapidly absorb the water. If needed, you can use the detachable neckpiece too. For transport we advise you to use the softshell cooler sheet. This sheet has a softshell fabric on the back to protect it from wind, on the sides it has mesh fabric to keep off the insects.

Weather forecast: sunny days (15-20 degrees)

We love sunny days, and so do insects. To offer maximum protection in the field against flies, use our mesh fly rug. This rug comes with a detachable neckpiece so you can protect the neck of your horse too. If needed you can use a fly mask to protect the eyes and ears of your horse. If you want to offer a lightweight coverage in the stable, the cotton sheet will be a perfect match. This rug is highly breathable and soft thanks to the polyester and cotton mixture.  

When you’re transporting your horse on a sunny day, the mesh combo cooler sheet will offer a lot of comfort. The 3D spacer on the back offers a cushioning effect as well as airflow which is very comfortable. The mesh fabric on the sides keeps the bugs away. To avoid that your horse gets sandy after washing use our 3D spacer cooler sheet. This rug is extremely breathable thanks to the 3D spacer so your horse will dry in no time.

Weather forecast: cold nights (0-5 degrees)

Spring nights can be very unpredictable. Do not store your winter rugs yet, because you might still need them. For horse who are  standing in the field overnight the turnout rug all weather waterproof pro 160g will offer enough coverage against cold weather thanks to the artificial rabbit skin lining. If your horse is stabled our signature Show Rug is excellent. The rug has a filling of 160g and is lined with artificial rabbit skin to offer extra warmth.

Weather forecast: rainy days (10-15 degrees)

Despite the nice temperatures, always be prepared for spring showers. The Turnout Rug All Weather Waterproof classic 0g is the perfect lightweight rug to keep your horse dry in the pouring rain.

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