Kentucky’s Holiday gift guide 2021

November 29, 2021

Kentucky’s Holiday gift guide 2021

Just a few more weeks till the holidays are here. Are you still looking for a gift for a horse lover? Or for your horse maybe? This guide will help you find the perfect gift for them.

Gifts for precious moments

Precious moments with a horse should be cherished.  And that’s also Grooming Deluxe’s philosophy. With their handcrafted brushes, the grooming moments will feel extra luxurious. Grooming Deluxe offers brushes for every kind of budget.  Want to add a little extra to your gift? Make sure to take a look at our tack boxes where the brushes can be stored easily.

Gifts for velvet lovers

Who doesn’t love velvet?! After our velvet saddle pads, we’ve now also developed a show rug in our famous velvet fabric. With this gift, you can’t go wrong! The show rug velvet is available in emerald, navy, old rose, and mustard.

Gifts for the tidy riders

… Or for the messy ones that could use a little bit of structure in their tack room ? At Kentucky we have a lot of products to make the stable a bit tighter. What about a rug bag or saddle pad bag to store your rugs and saddle pads safely? Or something to protect the boots and helmet from scratches. You name it, we have it. Looking for some items to spice up the tack room?  Explore our eco-friendly bamboo accessories here.

Gifts for the fashionista’s

Looking for a fashionable gift? Kentucky does not only have Horsewear but some very stylish accessories as well. What about a glitter beanie with matching glitter socks? Or a cool handmade pearls belt with a matching halter for the horse? Discover more of our merchandise here.

Gifts for set lovers

A saddle pad set is always a good idea. Could it be a bit more sparkling for the holidays? Then the glitter set will be the perfect match. The saddle pad can be combined with a matching fly veil and bandages. Looking for another set? Reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll help you find the perfect set for your friend.

Gifts for horses

We should not forget to give our horses something too. A small gift that every horse loves, are our horse toys. We have them in different versions, like a unicorn, an alpaca, a bear, or a horse itself. The horse toys can easily be attached to the stable door by our hook and ring hangers.

Gifts for travel addicts

Looking for a gift for that one friend who’s always on the road? We have the perfect gift for you! Our sheepskin shipping halter is super comfortable for horses during travels. The 100% vegan sheepskin is very lightweight and washable. A gift your friend will treasure for years.

To store her belongings the Grooming Deluxe’s travel bags are perfect. The bags are super stylish and spacious to fit everything in there.

Gifts for people who hang out at the stables a lot

If hanging out at the stables all day is their favorite hobby, the heavy fleece rug square is a must-have. The rug can not only be used as a fleece rug to keep the horse warm during warming up, cooling down, or just in the stable. It’s also the perfect rug for you to use as a blanket to keep you warm while having a chat with stable friends. 

Gifts for the tiny ones

Don’t forget to gift your beloved stable dogs. We have cute collars, warm coats, and stylish beds in our Dogwear collection. Explore the range here.

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