Everything you need to know about our artificial leather

July 15, 2021

Everything you need to know about our artificial leather

Kentucky Horsewear is a 100% animal-friendly brand. Therefore, we do not use materials containing animal ingredients. Instead, we develop durable and strong artificial fabrics, like our signature artificial leather. Continue reading if you want to know more about this strong and durable material.  

Why artificial leather?

Leather is a beautiful material but not very reliable and it takes a lot of effort to maintain the material. As Kentucky stands for quality and comfort, we wanted to create a leather-like material that did not have the disadvantages of leather. For us, it was important to create an animal-friendly alternative that is durable and extremely strong. After a few tryouts, the Kentucky CEO and textile expert, Thomas Tuytens, came up with artificial leather.

The artificial leather from Kentucky is so designed that you will almost not see the difference with real leather. However, there’s a big difference in durability and quality. For example, the Kentucky artificial leather is waterproof. You can even wash it at 30 degrees! You also have the possibility to clean the artificial leather with the tack cleaner, which gives it a shiny look. As artificial leather does not absorb any water, sweat, or dirt, the material does not dry out, crack, tear or lose its color.

Our artificial leather is lighter and stronger than real leather for the comfort of both horse and rider. Artificial leather is very resistant to tearing and has a high abrasive resistance, to have a long-lasting product. The material is also very resistant to punctures, which makes the material extremely protective.

Artificial leather in girths

Because of its durability and strength, we use artificial leather in almost all our girths. This is why Kentucky girths are the favorite girths of many professional riders. The sheepskin stud girth was the first artificial leather girth we designed. Since day one the stud girth was very popular. Today, the girth is one of our best-selling girths and protects horses all over the world.

Because of the artificial leather protective plate, the horse has improved coverage from horseshoes and studs than any other leather girth. For a comfortable fit, the girth is shaped anatomically. On top of that, you can use the girth when you’re riding in bad weather, because the girth, as well as the artificial sheepskin, are easy to clean.

Artificial leather in halters

For halters, artificial leather is also a very convenient material. As it is water and mudproof, you don’t need to worry about it when you wash or turn out your horse. The material is very strong, but still safe to use as it will break during emergencies. 

A great basic to have hanging around in the stable is the anatomic leather halter. This halter looks and feels like a real leather halter but is made from our artificial leather material. This has a lot of benefits as it is not affected by water or sunlight. The artificial leather halter is also more flexible and very practical around the stable. The halter doesn’t need to be greased. When it gets wet or muddy you can simply wipe it down. Therefore, you will have more time to spend with your beloved horse.

Artificial leather

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