5 tips for competing in horse shows

July 08, 2021

5 tips for competing in horse shows

It’s finally show season again. To get you prepared and excited, we’ve gathered some tips which will make you feel more relaxed in your next competition.

  1. Come prepared

Preparation is the key to anything. Make sure that you and your horse are prepared for the test you’re going to participate in. Train in advance, so you’re fully convinced of what you’re about to do. When it comes to your horse, try to prepare him the day before the show. Wash your horse, clean your tack, and pack your things the day before the show. When you’re doing this, you don’t need to worry about it the next morning and you can focus on your horse. If you still need to buy something before going to the show, this will give you plenty of time too. To make sure you packed everything you need, we’ve created a packing list with all the travel essentials.

  1. Don’t forget to eat and drink

Even though you’re probably a bit stressed out, try to eat something as it will be quite a long day. Take some lunch with you too and don’t forget your water bottle. The Kentucky water bottle keeps your drinks cool, so you’ll always have a refreshing drink. Don’t forget to bring some food and water for your horse too.

  1. Dirty boots?

Do you notice right before putting your boots on that they could use some shine and you forgot your boots cleaner? Rub a few drops of baby oil on the boots and they will shine too.

  1. Take your time to warm up

A good warming up is very important before entering the ring. Therefore, it’s important to arrive on time, or even a bit early, so you have plenty of time for a proper warming up. Having to rush everything will make you and your horse more stressed. Make sure that you are confident enough to start, but don’t overwork your horse so you can still shine in the ring.

  1. Take good care of your horse after the show

After your ride in the show ring, make sure to give your horse a good cooling down too. After the cooling down you can also use our Recuptex rug and boots to fully relax the muscles of your horse. The Recuptex fabric will also improve the natural recovery of your horse.

The most important tip we have for competitions is just to enjoy it. You and your horse have worked hard towards the show, so even when it’s not completely working out as you planned make sure to enjoy the ride and focus on the good.

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