5 things you must do before summer ends

August 17, 2022

5 things you must do before summer ends

Summer is almost over… Time to go back to school or work, and unfortunately spending less time with your horse. To go back fully prepared, we’ve created a list of 5 things you must do before summer ends. 

  1. Organize your tack room

Unfortunately, when you will head back to school or work, you can’t spend a whole day at the stables. To make sure everything goes smooth and quickly during the week, it’s a good idea to organize your tack room. Make sure you have everything sorted out and close to you, like your tack box. Now you still have time, it’s maybe also a good idea to upgrade your tack room with a chic and durable saddle and bridle rack.

  1. Plan a photoshoot

Nothing is more fun than gathering your stable friends and planning a photoshoot while the weather is still sunny. Do you still need some tips on taking pictures? Read our blog on how to take pictures like Kentucky. Looking for a fancy outfit? Discover our range of saddle pads.

  1. Make a long trail ride

While the weather is still nice, you can enjoy a long trail ride. Go for a sunset ride or meet with some friends to go to the beach or forest. If you’re taking your horse somewhere, don’t forget to use a tail guard to protect your horse’s tail. If he’s sensitive to flies, you can use our breathable mesh combo cooler sheet as this is perfect for transport.

  1. Organize a spa day

A spa day is a perfect thing to do the day before a photoshoot, or just because your horse loves it. Start by removing all the mud on the legs with the middle hard brush. On the body, you can use the body brush middle hard. also give the hooves a good pick and brush off all excessive sand with the hoof brush. Then wash your horse thoroughly and let him dry. In the meantime, you can grease your saddle and bridle. When your horse is completely dry, use the middle brush long to get rid of some bits of sand. For some extra shine, use our sheepskin grooming glove. Don’t forget to grease the hooves with our hoof pencil. Your horse will look squeaky clean and enjoyed a good grooming session. 

  1. Prepare for winter

The days are already getting shorter, which means your horse’s winter coat is coming. Prepare yourself for winter, check your rugs if they are still good, and see which ones you’ll have to buy before the cold weather comes up. Also, while there’s still some sun, it’s a good idea to wash your products as they will now dry faster. 

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