10 facts and lies about horses

February 19, 2021

10 facts and lies about horses

Since we know you love some good facts and myths, we’ve got 10 new quotes for you. Do you know which one is true or false?

  1. Kentucky Show Rugs are only for shows

Although the name suggests otherwise, our Kentucky Show Rugs are not only for shows. The rugs are mostly worn in the stables. If you want to know about the original Show Rug, read the article here.

  1. Horses can’t see colors

It’s often said that horses can’t see colors, however this is false. Horses can see the colors blue, yellow and white. So, if you want your horse to see the nice saddlepads you bought, only buy blue, yellow or white ? laugh

  1. Horse’s teeth keep growing every year

This is true! After losing its baby teeth, the permanent teeth keep on growing each year. This is why you have to see an equine dentist each year. The dentist will balance out all the teeth, so it won’t grow in the wrong direction. If you don’t do this it can lead to infections in the mouth or the root of the teeth. For younger horses, it’s advised to see a dentist every six months as they grow faster than an older horse. If the tooth has reached its maximum, it will just fall out. 

  1. Horses can’t burp

As horses can’t breathe through their mouth as humans do, they can’t burp either. This is because the mouth is only used to eat and works in one-way. The way they digest is pretty efficient but not being able to burp can sometimes lead to colic.

  1. Horses prefer to take turns sleeping.

We all know that horses are herd animals. In the wild they have to protect each other from other animals. This is why a herd of horses always rest in shifts.

  1. Horses can only communicate with neighs

False, most horses communicate using body language. The best example of this is kicking each other when they are not happy with what’s happening. Horses also communicate by neighing, but this happens less frequently and is mostly used when they can’t see each other.

  1. Horses have the same blood types as humans

False, humans only have 4 blood types as horses have 7 internationally recognized blood types. The blood types are A, C, D, K, P, Q and U. With over 30 factors to determine the antigens, 1 in the 400.000 horses have the exact same blood type.

  1. Horses have 10 muscles in each ear 

This is true. Thanks to its muscles, horses can move each ear 180 degrees. This makes it easier to locate sounds and possible threats. 

  1. Horses can see in the dark

True! Horses have a special membrane at the back of the eye that adapts to the dark. This reflects light and serves as a night vision. However, it takes a while for a horse to adapt to the dark surroundings and vice versa. You can compare it to when you’re sleeping in the dark and someone turns the lights on.

  1. Kentucky Horsewear is an American brand.

Even though Kentucky sounds very American, it’s founded and established in Belgium. From our office and warehouse in Ronse, we ship everything to a retailer in your neighborhood. The building is on top of that CO2 neutral and runs 100% on green energy. So we do not only protect your horse, but also the environment.

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