Our rapid expansion, evolution and growth is in large thanks to our ambassadors. Together, we have created a brand that has become a reference among the world's leading riders and serious amateurs. To meet the needs of customers at the very top of the sport, we listen to them and take their advice.

While I love all the products from Kentucky Horsewear, I would choose the Stud Girth as my favourite one. It's so hard to find a jumping girth that fits comfortably, is durable and affordable. I believe the Kentucky Horsewear Stud Girth is all of these things and more!

Taizo Sugitani, Jumping, Japan
Kevin Staut, Jumping, France
Pieter Devos, Jumping, Belgium

I often use the Sheepskin Leather Overreach Boots at home and on jumping shows but also for transport. The sheepskin is very soft and comfortable. These overreach boots are very strong and protect very well. They are long lasting and easy to clean!

Olivier Philippaerts, Jumping, Belgium
Roger-Yves Bost, Jumping, France

The greatest product is the Tendon Boot Elastic. I use them every week on all the shows we travel to around the world. They give great protection whilst fitting correctly and allowing movement. They are very comfortable for my horses, never giving any rubs or soars.

Harrie Smolders, Jumping, The Netherlands
Laura Collett, Eventing, United Kingdom

I absolutely love the Dressage Girth! The quality is great, doesn't wear out quickly, is easy to wash, fits my horses perfectly as well as being aesthetically nice. Definitely a must-have!

Morgan Barbançon Mestre, Dressage, Spain

My favourite Kentucky Horsewear's product is the Sheepskin Tendon Boots Elastic. They fit perfectly around the leg which makes them very comfortable for the horse. We use them a lot and wash them every week and they stay very nice. This is definitely top quality!

Nicola Philippaerts, Jumping, Belgium
Karin Donckers, Eventing, Belgium
Jur Vrieling, Jumping, The Netherlands

For showjumping, the Moonboots are my personal favourite. They encourage a good action behind without being too strong. I find them brilliant on a wide range of horses, which suits me as I have so many!

Tim Price, Eventing, New-Zealand

My favourite Kentucky Horsewear's product by far is the Sheepskin Leather Tendon Boots. They are extremely stylish and have such an outstanding classy look! Soft and light, they are so comfortable and have a perfect fit.

Patrice Delaveau, Jumping, France
Pippa Funnell, Eventing, Great-Britain

I find the Stable Bandage Pads and Wool Bandages very suited for the stable as well as for transport. After use my horses legs look really good!

Kristina Sprehe, Dressage, Germany

According to me the Sheepskin Stud Girth is the best on the market! I had two horses that had problems with other girths and from the first day I used the one from Kentucky Horsewear, the problem was gone.

Hans-Dieter Dreher, Jumping, Germany
Bettina Hoy, Eventing, Germany

I like riding with the Eventing Boots. They offer great protection, fit comfortably all shapes and sizes without moving and are extremely hard wearing.

Jonelle Price, Eventing, New-Zealand

Without a doubt the Achilles Gel Socks are my favourites. I had a lot of problems with my Achilles' tendon and wearing riding boots was always causing pain. With these socks on, I don't have to put band aids and bandages under the riding boots anymore. With these, I can ride without pain!

Peder Fredricson, Jumping, Sweden

I'm really happy about all the Kentucky Horsewear products that I use but my favourite is the Moonboot Max. I use them for all the Grand Prix around the world and these are the ones I had the most success with! They fit extremely well around the legs and they are durable.

Jos Verlooy, Jumping, Belgium
Joe Clee, Jumping, Great-Britain

I use the Half Pad Absorb every day because I'm convinced that the pad fits the horses well and protects their back. I really feel a difference!

Constant van Paesschen, Jumping, Belgium
Francis Whittington, Eventing, Great-Britain
Sandra Auffarth, Eventing, Germany

Thanks to the Eventing Boots I have one less thing to worry about going cross-country. They offer the best protection against injuries easily sustained on the cross-country course whilst offering comfort, freedom of movement, specially around the fetlock, as well as being lightweight and breathable.

Chris Burton, Eventing, Australia
Raf Kooremans, Eventing, The Netherlands
Dirk Demeersman, Jumping, Belgium