Science and horse sense can work together for today’s riders. When you’re preparing a horse for competition – at any level – or if you simply want the best for him, Kentucky Horsewear lets you provide therapeutic support as well as protection.

Correct warming up and cooling down is vital to protect muscles, tendons and ligaments. Now, thanks to Kentucky Horsewear’s specialistRecuptex bandages and wraps, you can stimulate circulation and, in turn, enhance oxygen flow.

If you’re rehabilitating a horse under veterinary supervision, this innovative range may help accelerate the healing process. It can also help with management of long-term, chronic problems such as arthritis.

Science and simplicity are combined in Kentucky Horsewear’s Tendon Grip. Use this second skin to minimise the risk of pressure or rubs, make it easy to use ice therapy even on knees and hocks and for a myriad of other uses.

Make Kentucky Horsewear therapeutic products part of your everyday management. The results will show, at home and in competition.