Eventing, or horse trials, combines three tests in one competition: dressage, showjumping and cross-country.  For many, it’s the ultimate challenge.

Producing a horse who stays calm, obedient and beautifully balanced in the dressage arena,  goes bold and clear cross-country and can also jump a clean, accurate show jumping round isn’t easy.

At top level, the challenge of eventing is even harder.  It’s no longer enough to have a horse who is a cross-country machine but produces an uninspired dressage test, or always has a pole or two down in the show jumping.

Today’s event horses and riders have to excel in all disciplines, which demands exceptional partnerships and exceptional preparation.  Whether you’re cantering during fitness work, fine tuning flatwork or schooling over fences, you need to protect your horse’s legs without impeding his athleticism.

That’s why the world’s best insist on Kentucky Horsewear boots, which combine science and horse sense. Impact resistance, comfort, superb fit and practicality make them a natural choice for today’s equine athletes – at all levels.

From Pastern Wraps to the new Solimbra D30 Eventing and Racing Boots, Kentucky Horsewear will help you excel in every phase.